Niman Ranch

NimanRanchHoober Feeds has contracted with Niman Ranch hog producers to raise pigs on an antibiotic free, all vegetable based protein diet. This speciality niche market helps to bring value-added pork products to the consumer’s dinner plate. In the summer of 2011, Hoober Feeds started with one producer and since then, have added many more. Of them, nearly all of our customers have already benefited from the diversification and extra income generated by raising pigs for Niman Ranch.

Niman Ranch has a proven track record of supporting U.S. family farmers, ranchers, and their local communities over the good times as well as the challenging times. The company was founded in the early 1970’s with cattle and later added hogs in 1996. Their commitment to raising livestock using traditional and humane husbandry methods and all-natural feeds with no added hormones or antibiotics has provided Niman Ranch with a customer base of over 5,000 restaurants and 2,500 specialty grocers. More than 700 farmers and ranchers are involved in the Niman Ranch program and more than 300 have been raising for Niman Ranch for over five years.

Flexible raising methods are a huge factor in producing hogs for Niman Ranch. Farmers can use a variety of shelters and the size of the operations can vary. Methods typically include pasture/outdoor operations, hoop barns, empty heifer barns, dirt lots, and deeply-bedded pens. With these raising methods, Niman Ranch is able to offer premium prices paid for high-quality, antibiotic-free, naturally raised hogs. These premium prices can also protect the farmer from adverse market conditions. Niman Ranch proudly offers incentives for start-up programs. They offer growth and quality bonuses for increased production and can even assist with financing. Producers are supported by a Niman Ranch field agent and a Hoober Feeds representative who work together with the farmer to make the program a success.

If you are looking for diversification and a little extra income, consider raising hogs for Niman Ranch. They are currently looking to develop business relationships with farrow to finish farmers as well as farmers interested in wean to finish and farrow to wean programs. For more information please give our office a call at 717-768-3216 or 1-800-256-4567.