<b>Priority IAC, Inc.</b>

Priority IAC, Inc.

deals in products containing Branded strains of Smart bacteria as unique as your fingerprint and scientifically designed for Healthy Cows ®

Hoober Feeds is the only area distributor of the unique Priority One™ product line and feeding philosophy. They have seen tremendous results and continue to promote the use of Priority IAC™ products.

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Priority One

P-One™ and the P-One Program™ are changing the way that dairy cattle are being fed across the nation. Hoober Feeds is the only area distributor of the unique products that have been developed by Priority IAC™ and we strongly support this distinctive feeding philosophy. Our staff is experienced in understanding and properly using these products and can utilize this new, innovative feeding technique called the P-One Program™ to better improve the overall health and efficiency of your animals. Give us a call today to learn more information or visit the Priority IAC™ website.

P-One Program The P-One Program™ – Feed P-One™ alone to stabilize the rumen. Include DCP™ to allow the feeding of more energy from carbohydrates. Learn More >>>

P-One P-One™ – For Rumen Stability; Scientifically designed to help maintain a healthy rumen and gastrointestinal tract when fed daily. It contains branded strains of Smart bacteria A4000h™ and A2020™ that research shows utilize 83 times more glucose. It stimulates lactic acid utilization in the rumen and works in the lower intestinal tract to maintain a healthy population of beneficial bacteria. Learn More >>>

DCP DCP™ – To Maximize Energy; Research has shown that ‘seeding’ the rumen 14 days prior to lactation with the unique strain of bacteria in DCP™ is an important first step in maintaining proper rumen pH by utilizing lactic acid. Learn More >>>

Calf Gold Calf GOLD™ – Genomic tested Smart bacteria to stimulate immune development, protect against disease-causing pathogens, and aid in establishing a functioning rumen. Research shows an inhibition against 6 strains of Salmonella and 5 strains of E. coli. Learn More >>>

Gold Spike Capsules Gold Spike™ Highly Concentrated Capsules – A one-two punch against somatic cell count and mastitis. Fights microscopic foreign pathogens that cause infection throughout the body and enhances immune system response at the gastrointestinal tract, quieting inflammation throughout the body. A safe alternative to antibiotics with no milk and no meat withholding. Learn More >>>

Gold Spike Powder Gold Spike™ Powder – For cattle of all ages. Aids in pathogen management to help reduce growth of pathogens and acts as an immune modulator by enhancing the immune response in the gastrointestinal tract by quieting the pro-inflammatory response responsible for the symptoms caused by pathogenic infections. Learn More >>>

StartUp Gel StartUp™ Gel – A powerful rumen booster to start up digestion. Aids in stimulating the digestive track & helps get animals back on feed during periods of high stress. 83x more Smart bacteria & fortified with Vitamin E. Learn More >>>

StartUp Caps StartUp™ Capsules – A concentrated form of six strains of Smart bacteria, live cell yeast, and vitamins. When administered, the Smart bacteria activates to keep animals on feed or bring them back on feed in times of high stress. Learn More >>>