Hoober Feeds is dedicated to providing you with quality feeds designed to meet the needs of both the horse and horse-feed customer. Our specialty formulated optimum feeds provide you with access to the finest nutrition that in addition to good management, can lead to superior horse health. Hoober Feeds works with you to ensure that your horses’ needs are met and that excellent nutrition is obtainable at a reasonable price.
Whether you own a few horses for hobby, compete regularly in the show circuit, or manage an equine facility, our feeds are created to work with your individual lifestyle. Have a feed you would like to customize? Our selection of available ingredients and mixing facility allow us to create the perfect unique blend for your equine. Your horses are your passion, livelihood, inspiration, and companion. We want to help you provide the highest nutrition available so that your horses can continue to perform at their best.

Equine Services:

  • Textured & Pelleted feeds
  • Customized feed options
  • Hay testing
  • Equine specialist available
  • Delivery options